The Touching of Hands . . .


When people touch hands, they share the experience.  Even at the end of life we need continued connection to one another.  We need to have our pain and symptoms managed; we need the context and meaning provided by home, family, friends, colleagues, pets and hobbies.  We need the comfort, reassurance and presence of those we love most.

The hospice program exists to ensure that people diagnosed with a terminal illness have the support and services they need to live at home or in a home-like setting to the end of their lives.  We believe in the potential of this time for finishing the work of life, for making new memories, for simply being here and for saying goodbye.

The end of life is also a difficult time, often demanding more energy and vigilance than families can provide on their own.  We supplement the care they provide with the help of our trained hospice volunteers.  They offer their hands in practical and emotional support of both patient and family.

We hold out our hands to those with loss, grief and saddness.  Together we are not alone.  We provide grief support, a safe place to come and sit with feelings, dreams, and memories. 

You can help by contributing to Hospice Volunteer Services.  Your donation is a statement of support for the work and philosophy of Hospice, and an endorsement of our belief that ordinary people are capable of helping one another in extraordinary ways.



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